Wednesday, March 3, 2010

thirsty for Gods word?

Just a moment of spiritual nudity...I don't really want to read the Bible. I say that I am into this and I even think in my head "yeah, I should totally do this!"

But the proof is in the pudding and I'm not reading. Why? I'm wondering in part if it's because I don't have a healthy thirst to read. Seems like I've heard somewhere that Holy Spirit guides you in new ways, giving you new desires and that one of those desires is to want to know and learn more and read the Bible aka God's Word.

Obviously that desire is not there.

Am I just lazy?
Is brain only wanting to capture the glitz and glam of mass media?
Am I too used to status updates of 140 characters or less?
Can't I just get scripture updates via twitter?!

Haha....I think it's probably like any other habit that we form where I need to stick to it even when it's boring or confusing. Just seems like I ought to at least be more excited?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Details, details, details.

This is only my second time ever reading about the building of the Tabernacle, (I just finished Exodus 25- only 8 days behind, YES!) and it just blows my mind how much detail goes into the building instructions of it. Absolutely nothing is left out. I think it just reminds me that God is the great engineer. He has created everything we see, He has made us, without even breaking a sweat.
While reading these intricate details I got curious to what this all would look like when it's all said and done, and thanks to the power of the internet there are many, many models made; 3d, miniature, and you could even build your own Tabernacle Model Kit for a modest $189!
But I digress. No, I do not plan on building my very own miniature tabernacle, but I do enjoy being reminded how much emphasis God puts on every little detail of His creation. Including you and me.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here's to second chances

Yes! I too fell completely off the wagon with reading my bible every day. I was going strong there for a while, reading (almost) every day, and even reading ahead at times. But when I got out of the habit I it was hard to get back into it.
It perfectly applies to my 'gym' metaphor which I use (probably too) often; Once you've established a habit it's so easy to do, and you look forward to it as part of your day or week and you feel wonderful about consistently doing something that is so good for you, but once you break the cycle it's TOO easy to just keep sliding and not look back.
I had gotten to a point (Exodus 12) where I was so far back on the schedule, I got discouraged and I had a very hard time picking things back up (even though I know, I know- it's totally fine if you get behind, God is cool like that)

BUT thanks to the radical re-adjusting of the timeline; starting back on January 1st (thanks Andrea!) it turns out I am only about 10 days behind! How's that for teacher's pet status!

So, I am picking things back up, and I hope you are too.
Now where was I? I think Pharaoh finally had enough of God's beatings, and let His people go (for now).


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolution: Start Over!

So, we've been talking and it seems that a reboot is in order! We're going back to the beginning of our reading plan to get everyone on the same page. Those of us who have already started can review and jump in as soon as we get to a new day in the reading. I know it's hard to stick to something every single day. But I truly feel that this will be a very meaningful and worthwhile experience! And if there are more of us to read, discuss, and motivate, I know we will have a great time! I have changed the Reading list on the sidebar and now you can just click the daily passage to read it online!

So there you have it, January 1, 2010.



Thursday, December 3, 2009

I fell off the wagon trying to get back on the wagon...

I am in a season of searching. Heart-searching, soul-searching, mind-searching. It seems like nothing feels right anymore. My motivations are skewed, my actions are sinful, and my thoughts are full of anger and cynicism. What is going on? I knew reading through the Bible would likely dredge up some ugly goo, but I honestly haven't been keeping up. Perhaps it's the busyness of the holidays, more likely it's the fact that I self-sabotage everything I do. I don't think I am alone.

I get angry when I see other people getting close to God and feeling those highs. I used to feel them! Why not now? Why am I in the valley? AGAIN? My life is great! Why am I complaining? And I think we all know the answer here. Our lives do not and should not dictate our spiritual well-being or our joy. These are gifts only God can bestow upon us and we will never be able to earn them no matter how clean our homes are or how much money we save. Paige wrote about our purpose as women. I think this could be a gender neutral post in many ways though. As humans, we strive to earn our own well-being and it gets us nowhere. And because of that failing, we become bitter and resentful to the good news that is God's Word.

Reading the Bible like this has been tough for me. I keep trying to "get something out of it". A quick fix or an inspirational verse of the day. I fear that if I keep gambling with Truth, I am going to miss the point entirely.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Ok Genesis Is Blowing My Mind...

And I don't even know where to begin! What was that I said about saving my questions for later? I don't know if I can do it! This book is straight up CRAZY. With a capital Sodom and Gommorah.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

How's Everyone Doing?

                                                                                                                                          ***image via successfactors

I'll be honest. I have been a total slacker! We had one of those busy days, which turned into a busy week and before I knew it I was seriously behind in my reading! I am getting caught up today and I am ok with that. I don't want to be totally legalistic about reading, but I don't want to get behind either. So, if you're like me and you missed a few days, lets buck up and get back on track! I don't want to make excuses this time. Learning God's story is far too important for me to be "too busy".

And if you're not like me and HAVE been reading every day, what do you think so far?