Wednesday, March 3, 2010

thirsty for Gods word?

Just a moment of spiritual nudity...I don't really want to read the Bible. I say that I am into this and I even think in my head "yeah, I should totally do this!"

But the proof is in the pudding and I'm not reading. Why? I'm wondering in part if it's because I don't have a healthy thirst to read. Seems like I've heard somewhere that Holy Spirit guides you in new ways, giving you new desires and that one of those desires is to want to know and learn more and read the Bible aka God's Word.

Obviously that desire is not there.

Am I just lazy?
Is brain only wanting to capture the glitz and glam of mass media?
Am I too used to status updates of 140 characters or less?
Can't I just get scripture updates via twitter?!

Haha....I think it's probably like any other habit that we form where I need to stick to it even when it's boring or confusing. Just seems like I ought to at least be more excited?