Monday, February 15, 2010

Details, details, details.

This is only my second time ever reading about the building of the Tabernacle, (I just finished Exodus 25- only 8 days behind, YES!) and it just blows my mind how much detail goes into the building instructions of it. Absolutely nothing is left out. I think it just reminds me that God is the great engineer. He has created everything we see, He has made us, without even breaking a sweat.
While reading these intricate details I got curious to what this all would look like when it's all said and done, and thanks to the power of the internet there are many, many models made; 3d, miniature, and you could even build your own Tabernacle Model Kit for a modest $189!
But I digress. No, I do not plan on building my very own miniature tabernacle, but I do enjoy being reminded how much emphasis God puts on every little detail of His creation. Including you and me.



  1. Very interesting blog. Glad you found me through FF. Have a great weekend!


  2. HI. Thanks for stopping by my blog on FF (Things I'll forget by tomorrow). Now I'm following. I'm also trying to read through the Bible. (This will be my second time.)

  3. Hello! I'm on Exodus 27 at the moment and am grateful for the image of the tabernacle and courtyard - was having trouble visualizing. I want to finish the Old Testament by Christmas and am working forward from Genesis and backward from Malachi... looking forward to the challenges and tidbits of God's character. I hope you and your crew are on track with Jeremiah these days! I pray that God's Spirit would be working to reveal his love and truth to your hearts!